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Photo of swarm of bees
Swarm of bees

Free Honey Bee Swarm Collection

I offer a Swarm Collection service, as well as the removal of bee nests, where possible. The bees will be placed into their own hive in one of my apiaries and cared for just as my other hives. Please call as soon as the swarm has landed, and before it may leave to form a new hive in some unwanted space like a garage roof, attic or porch canopy.

Please don't panic and ring Pest Control to kill bees, they are a protected species. Swarming bees are very unlikely to sting.

Questions You May Be Asked

Photo of wasp nest
Wasp nest

Photo a jar of honey

  • Are you sure they are honey bees?
    Wasps are often mistaken for honey bees.
  • How big is the cluster and what does it look like?
    Honey bees cluster as one big mass of bees. If the 'ball' has a gray colour or papery look then it is a wasp nest.
  • Where is the swarm located?  How high is it?
    Height usually adds to the difficulty of removal and requires ladders or special equipment.
  • How long have they been here?
    Swarms that have been there for more than a few days are probably an established hive.  While many beekeepers will handle swarms, far fewer are prepared to handle established hives, especially those in trees, houses or other structures.

Photo of bumblebee, honey bee and wasp

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